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In May 2024, we are launching a joint accelerator program aimed at assisting projects stuck at various startup stages, particularly in the prototype phase, to progress forward.

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We're looking for you if you are creator of a startup, an RDI project, or owner of a patent awaiting market entry.

Main fields

Whether your project has hit a snag or you're ready to take it to the next level, we offer tailored support in three main fields:

• High-quality engineering expertise for prototyping testing and validation

• Organizational development and management skill trainings

• Business and brand development for preparing the second round investment and/or market entry.


You’ll receive a tailor made package from these services in the program:

Core activities

  • Virtual prototype development
  • Virtual prototype testing
  • Technological and technical validation
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Preparation of test documentation for the first production
  • Production organization

Professional simulation services

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Multibody Dynamics Simulations (MBS)
  • 1D System Simulations

Professional experimental studies

  • Quasi-static tests
  • Fatigue tests
  • Strain gauge stamp tests
  • Thermal camera tests

Business development consulting and management

  • Providing strategic advice and guidance to businesses
  • Strategic growth planning and implementation
  • Identifying opportunities for expansion or market entry
  • Innovation consulting
  • Supporting pivot (if necessary)
  • Business plan development

Market analysis and product market fit

  • Researching and assessing market trends and customer preferences
  • Understanding competitor activities and market dynamics
  • Informing business decision-making and strategy development
  • Aligning product offerings with customer needs and preferences
  • Ensuring effective customer demand fulfillment
  • Optimizing product-market alignment for business success

Brand development

  • Creating and strengthening brand identity and messaging
  • Differentiating from competitors and building customer loyalty
  • Increasing brand awareness and recognition

Preparation of following round investment

  • Assisting in preparing materials and financial documentation
  • Attracting investment from venture capitalists or angel investors
  • Fueling growth and expansion through successful fundraising

Full project management

  • Overseeing all aspects of a project from planning to execution
  • Ensuring timely delivery and cost-effectiveness
  • Achieving successful outcomes through effective project management

Market launch (in Hungary and internationally)

  • Developing and implementing effective launch strategies
  • Tailoring distribution and promotional activities for domestic and international markets
  • Managing market entry process (Product registration, IP protection ect.)
  • Helping to launch the legal entity (If it's needed) with full legal and financial counseling.

Building an organizational diagnosis and development map (package)

  • Conducting thorough assessment and analysis of organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing a comprehensive roadmap for organizational improvement and growth
  • Providing actionable recommendations and strategies for implementation

Team coaching

  • Facilitating collaborative and effective teamwork
  • Enhancing communication and synergy within teams
  • Fostering a positive team culture and productivity

Periodical workshops (development of business model, strategy, operation, processes, management culture, etc.)

  • Conducting workshops to refine and develop various aspects of the business model
  • Strategizing for business growth and sustainability
  • Improving operational efficiency and effectiveness through process optimization

Continuous consulting (supporting the development of business model, strategy, operation, processes, management culture, etc.)

  • Providing ongoing guidance and support for continuous improvement
  • Assisting in refining business strategies and operational processes
  • Cultivating a strong and adaptive management culture to drive organizational success

Management trainings

  • Providing training sessions to enhance managerial skills and capabilities
  • Developing leadership competencies for effective decision-making and team management
  • Equipping managers with tools and techniques for successful leadership in dynamic environments

Executive coachings

  • Offering personalized coaching sessions for executives to enhance their leadership effectiveness
  • Supporting executives in setting and achieving professional development goals
  • Providing feedback and guidance to improve executive performance and decision-making

Soft skills trainings

  • Conducting trainings to develop essential interpersonal and communication skills
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills
  • Cultivating a positive and collaborative work environment through soft skills development.

Planned process

May slightly differ in each project

Application period

'24.04.01. -continuous

Selection process

'24.05.01. - every month

Starting pistol


1. milestone

in 5 month
(1st batch '24.10.30.)

2. milestone

in 10 month
(1st batch: '25.03.30.)

The chequered flag

in 12 month
1st batch: '25.05.30.

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